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Water Management

Mack manufactures Automatic Control Valves following our strict quality control standards. Our tried and tested designs ensure reliability in critical environments.

Directing the Flow

Trusted valves to manage our most precious resource

Controlling the rate pressure is applied and released to the top chamber allows modulating control at any position between fully open and fully closed. Different pilot systems change the control of the diaphragm chamber.

Products can be supplied in all sizes and pressures. Manufacturing materials include cast and ductile iron, stainless steel, bronze, nickel/aluminium/bronze and more.

Beyond our standard valves, our technical department can work with you to design bespoke solutions to your exact requirements.

We understand the needs of councils and public infrastructure so our engineers will work with your asset management team to ensure minimal downtime.

Automatic Control Valves for Water Management

Mack is one of Australia’s and Asia Pacific’s leading manufacturers of Automatic Control Valves (ACV) for the management of water and fluids that are non-injurious to construction.


Keep downstream pressure constant with a pilot control valve. Sensing the downstream pressure, it activates the ACV to allow flow when the downstream pressure is lower than the spring pressure, setting on the pilot valve.


Prevent back-flow when the downstream pressure exceeds the upstream pressure. The valve closes slowly to prevent water hammer and to protect the system from damage.


Eliminate problems with sustaining back pressure, pressure relief and uploading functions in bypass systems. Its rapid opening capability helps to maintain steady line pressure, while its slow closing prevents surges and makes it easy to set a maximum flow rate.


Maintain constant upstream pressure to close system tolerances by relieving the excess pressure downstream. The valve closes and positively prevents return flow, over-pumping and pump cavitation caused by excessive downstream demands.


Maintain maximum allowable flow rate to prevent the lowering of supply pressure and limit the primary water supply to a pre-set flow, which is actuated by differential pressure.


Control high water levels in reservoirs. The non-throttling valve allows the reservoir to fill and close when it reaches its setpoint at top water level. Add on features include back pressure sustaining, rate of flow, solenoid shut-off, pressure reducing, closing/opening speed control, position indicator and delayed opening.


Prevent reverse flow regardless of the solenoid or diaphragm assembly position using the line pressure for its operation. The pump starts against a closed valve and regulates both the opening and closing rates which can be adjusted and controlled separately.


On/Off Float Valves are non-modulating valves that accurately control the liquid level in tanks. These valves are designed to open fully when the liquid level falls and close drip-tight at top water level. Valves can be supplied with a simple cistern cock pilot or a bi-level control that allows adjustment of the opening-closing level.


Equalise variations in supply and demand to maintain a constant level in a reservoir. Can be balanced to either the in-flow or the out-flow rates. The addition of a pressure sustaining valve means a minimum pressure can be sustained.


Control surges in a pipeline on the discharge side of a booster pump. By starting and stopping against a closed valve, it’s possible to prevent reverse flow, regardless of solenoid or diaphragm assembly position and to regulate both the opening and closing rates to protect the system.


Get automatic control dual pressure with the application of a pilot system with two independent reducing pilots, with a calibrated orifice plate or a three-way solenoid. As the flow increases, so does the flow across the orifice plate until it reaches the set point of the second pilot, causing the valve to switch over and control at higher pressure.


Solenoid-controlled Automatic Control Valves are available with a range of three-way or two-way solenoid pilot valves of various voltages, and open or closed when energised.

With Mack Valves as your valve of choice, you’ll have guaranteed quality and dependability in the most critical of environments.

Water Management solutions for General Industry

Mack’s Automatic Control Valves are also used in industrial applications and manufacturing across the country.


Dampen dust and prevent wind-blown dust contamination, fire, or dust explosion with the use of Solenoid or Air Pilot configurations in the dust suppression sprinkler system.


ACVs can be supplied in various configurations to assist in mine dewatering applications.


Reduce the head pressure below ground from the pump outlet to a maintained fixed set point.


Varying configurations can be used in Fire Control Systems for plant and asset protection.


The new 33 Series comes standard in ductile iron, FBE coated and is available in sizes from 50mm to 300mm for a whole range of liquid mediums including potable water, seawater, aviation fuel and diesel. Specialist application pilot systems allow the valve to be used in all applications from water level management, to pump and flow control. It has been certified to AS4020 for products in contact with drinking water.

Download our 33 Series ACV datasheet for full product specifications

Download ACV Datasheet

Download ACV Datasheet

If your application requires a bespoke, custom-engineered solution, just ask us

All build options are available from Mack on special order enabling clients to create a valve for their own specific needs, but our stock is based around common material specifications favoured by the Water Management industry.

Speak directly to our specialist sales team to discuss your Water Management valve needs, or to get a personalised quote, call +61 3 97375200

Download Water Brochure

Download Water Brochure