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Single Diaphragm Control Valves are extremely clean, feature a leak-proof seal and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for use in deluge fire protection systems in tunnels, high-rise buildings and large hazardous areas.

23 SERIES Single Diaphragm Control Valve

23 Series SDCV

Working Pressure: 15 – 1,600kPa
Municipal, Mining and Infrastructure

Pilot operated control valve with multiple functions

Pressure Relief:
• Respond to upstream pressure and slow closing to minimise water hammer to maintain pressure irrespective of system demand.

Pressure Reducing:
• Maintain an accurate downstream pressure in high-rise multi-storey buildings to ensure correct pressures at safe working limits.

• Maintain water level in fire tanks to ensure water is available to the system at all times during a fire; drip-tight positive seal, removable seat insert, in-line servicing.

• Provides suppressant to sprinkler zones in high hazard fire zones when a fire is sensed. Available in air-operated or solenoid operated versions.

Download Fire Protection Brochure
Download Fire Protection Brochure

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

If your application requires a bespoke, custom-engineered solution, just ask us

All build options are available from Mack on special order enabling clients to create a valve for their own specific needs, but our stock is based around common material specifications favoured by industry.

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