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The Company

Since its establishment in 1939, Mack Valves has grown to become a leading provider of unique flow control solutions to various industry sectors globally including the Water Management, Cryogenic, Industrial/Steam, Mining and Water Management industries. In 2019, we will proudly celebrate our experience and heritage spanning 80 years.

Mack Valves has two world class manufacturing facilities (Melbourne, Australia and Pune, India), where our trained engineering team use top class technology to deliver products that are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest level of Quality Standards and Product Certifications worldwide.


We exist to support industry in situations where focused, reliable and high-quality commodity and engineered valves are critical to customers daily and project needs.

While It might appear that Mack is in the business of making valves, we consider that to be a simple way of looking at things.

Our products get used around the world  in many places; aerospace, health care, chemical, energy, food & beverage, industrial gas and alternative fuel industries.  What’s flowing in the nervous systems of these companies is not just gas, steam or water, but ideas; ideas that fuel, move and change our world.  So the way we look at it, we are in the business of facilitating the flow of ideas.  We don’t take that responsibility lightly.  “Letting good ideas flow” is our mantra.

Today Mack meets a broad requirement; specific valves for core applications, and bespoke product for unique solutions.  We engineer, designs and manufactures these products for industry around the world.

Where We Have Been

The design and manufacture of safety valves for the Australian Navy started the Mack Valves story in 1939, creating a business that became renown for its ability to create solutions for Australian industry as it required.  For nearly 50 years the Mack family maintained its solution oriented design and manufacture efforts, becoming prominent in many major industries. In their storied history, they have:


  • Developed large control valves for the original Snowy Hydro project.
  • Ensured the critical safety of facilities all over the country, with locally designed and manufactured safety valves.
  • Developed flow control products for the steam industry, that still have Australian Design Standards written around them.

Where We Are Going

While Mack Valves may have a strong history of industrial solutions that support the control of flow, it only happened through knowing the customers and their needs, and looking into the future at the types of solutions customers will need in the future.  To continue the story, Mack will continue to strive to know you and your needs better, and look into the future and what will be needed.

The Hydrogen Economy is coming. 
It will literally fuel the world, as it searches for a less damaging way of powering all sectors of the economy. This is why Mack Valves developed a 1,100bar relief valve for the Hydrogen Mobility market, and will continue to develop solutions for the broader hydrogen economy (whether it be hydrogen production, space exploration, or research requiring ultra-cold gas).