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3 Piece Ball Valves use a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control liquid flowing through it. Suited for shutoff and control applications across Building Services, Cryogenics, Pharmaceuticals, Mining and Food and Beverage.

HEROSE 3 Piece Ball Valve

3 Piece Ball Valves

Cryogenic, Steam, Water, Air & Gases
Working Pressure: 0 – 5,000kPa
General Process Application

Open/close valves

• Stainless Steel

• 15-50mm

Pressures up to:
• 5,000kPa
• 725psi
• 50bar

• -196°C to +120°C

• Screwed
• Welded


* HEROSE Product

Download Cryogenics Brochure

Download Cryogenics Brochure

Type 15C01 - Ball Valve
Type 15C01 - Ball Valve Page 2
Type 15C01 - Ball Valve Page 2
Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

If your application requires a bespoke, custom-engineered solution, just ask us

All build options are available from Mack on special order enabling clients to create a valve for their own specific needs, but our stock is based around common material specifications favoured by industry.

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