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Founded in 1939, Mack Valves celebrates a proud heritage of 75 years of manufacturing valves in Australia in September 2014. Today, the company manufactures a broad range of cryogenic and LNG valves as well as large engineered industrial gas valves. We met with Shaun Miller, Head of Global Business Development of Mack Valves, recently and here is what he had to say.

CryoGas International (CryoGas): Mack Valves celebrates 75 years in business this month. Tell us briefly about this journey.

Shaun Miller (Miller): Mack Valves was incorporated in Melbourne, Australia in 1939 by our founder Michael E. Mack and our products were marketed under the brand-name, “M.E. Mack.” We still use this original trademark.

During the mid-1980s, Mack Valves was sold to Senior, a large multinational valve corporation in Great Britain. Senior in turn sold Mack Valves to the Goddard Group in 2000. A few years later Goddard sold Mack Valves, upon which we became an Australian owned and operated company again.

Throughout our 75 year history, the business characteristics that have kept us continuously growing and profitable are our disciplined and rigorous product de- velopment process and our ability to meet the often complex requirements of our cus- tomers. We have achieved success by our focus on our people, on training, and on automation. The core of our business has always been international sales and ser- vice.

2014 is a milestone year for Mack Valves as we have successfully increased our production capacity four-old with our second plant coming on-stream in India. This plant will add to the existing capacity we have in Melbourne, Australia.


CryoGas: Tell us about the breadth of products that Mack Valves makes.

Miller: Mack Valves designs and manu- factures globe, ball, check, diverting, pres- sure-build, pressure-release, safety valves, and pressure regulators for the cryogenic and LNG industries. Our standard cryo- genic valves are able to operate at pressure ratings of up to 334 bar.

Valve sizes span from products for small liquid cylinders to large engineered tanks. We also have a large, dedicated engineer- ing team, which allows us not only to con- stantly innovate, but also to offer unique customized solutions for small batch or- ders.

CryoGas: Which industry segments does Mack Valves have the capability to service?
Miller: Mack Valves has a broad spec- trum of standard valves that are installed on cryogenic as well as LNG storage and distribution tanks. We also have a strong product suite for liquid cylinders and small scale LNG re-gasification sites. In addi- tion, Mack Valves is a well-established participant in the engineered valves in- dustry. Our product spectrum ranges from 5mm to 600mm valves — we recently delivered 600mm oxygen service globe valves for a new steel plant project in Asia.

CryoGas: Do you have a presence in the USA?
Miller: We manufacture to both ASME and CE codes and our valves are used globally in exacting conditions in devel- oping and developed countries. We have the necessary code approvals to to sell our products in the US and over the last few years we have successfully added to our

production, service, and warehousing ca- pabilities. We are presently finalizing our distributor partner relationships in order to recommence our relationship with the industrial and cryogenic gas and LNG sec- tors in North America.

Our product offering to the US will in- clude cryogenic valves, LNG valves, and large industrial gas valves. We recently en- rolled as a member of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) and are looking forward to being an active contributor and participant in the industry in North America.

CryoGas: What do you consider the challenges for the company and sector, and what is your vision?
Miller: We are happy with what Mack Valves has achieved over the last few years in terms of sales, profits, and the enlargement of our product spectrum. Our challenge now is to continue this growth trajectory by finding a suitable niche in markets where we do not yet participate.

The long term challenge for the cryo- genic and LNG industries remains innova- tion, linked in particular to how the “inter- net of things” can be extended to various products in our industry in a safe and ar- chitecturally robust manner — in particu- lar how electronics will interface with the products in our industry to ensure opera- tions are fail-safe and cannot be impacted by human error, while also being constant- ly monitored to track the relevant metrics to provide flow and use data.

More information on Mack Valves can be found on www.mackvalves.com.

Be sure to visit the Mack Valves booth at the GAWDA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA this month.