9150, 9192 Ball Float Valves,
Ball Float Valves
9150 (cast iron BSTE), 9151A (cast iron ANSI 150), 9190 (stainless steel BSTE), 9191A (stainless steel ANSI 150) 9192 (stainless steel BSTH)
B.S.T. E & H, ANSI 150
Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Max Working Temperature
93°C - 200°C, 200°F - 392°F (pending size)
Max Working Pressure
1379 - 1720 kPa, (200 - 250 psi) pending size
Sizes 25mm - 200mm. Straight pattern, balanced type, bolted bonnet, renewable bronze seat, bronze piston fi tted with neoprene tulip cup, neoprene valve disc, complete with one metre connecting link. Flanged Ends.
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